I’ve been meaning to become less reliant on Twitter and post small things that I think of or encounter on ;

(that reminds me, I need to share an update on my efforts to georeference historic city maps; but I digress…)

I wondered how much of Cleveland population’s loss can be attributed to the fact that household sizes in America are generally lower.

So, let’s go. Thanks to open data courtesy of the US Census, I can get a rough estimate.

In 1960, the average American household size was 3.33;

In 2010, it’s 2.59.

so, if we use the 1960 pop of 876.050; and that 1960 household size, we’d have 263,078 households.

and if test that the number of households would remain the same in 2010, with the lower household size of 2.59; Cleveland’s population would fall, remarkably to 681,372. So yes, the 2010 pop of is ; so we know that ;

but I think we’d need to keep into account that a factor but by no means, the only factor, of Cleveland’s decline has been a result of smaller family sizes (now, we would have needed to build more smaller units to make up for that, etc..)