The age of Cleveland Buildings

Some observations:

During the 1930s, the rate of new building construction plummeted and left several streets like West 158th St. to have adjacent houses built 10-15 years apart from each other.

Those unfamiliar with the East side will be surprised to see the several small pockets of market-rate housing built during the 1990s including East 36th-38th between Central and Community College and East 82nd-87th, between Chester and Euclid

Also, there's some of my favorite (newly-built) homes in Cleveland, a small block of some dense housing right in Downtown, on 13th and Lindazzo. They were built in 07 and with the housing market crashing, any other pending construction there was likely postponed...

The raw data for further analysis is available at

Data was provided by NEOCANDO/NST. I don't know how they acquired it, likely from scraping the county auditor website. Notes/Errata: Some CMHA residential buildings (Outhwaite and 55th, Woodland and Bundy) are only counted (and mapped) as a single building in the dataset although there's several individual buildings there. This is because the county classifies these buildings to be on a single land parcel and assign one building date for each parcel.