A small portion of my life in recent months.


What I’ve been thinking, asking myself about, or wondering:

How do you conduct an accessibility audit for a website?

How do I delegate and ask others for help without abdicating my responsibilities and without unfairly foisting something on them? Is the level of assistance that you are asking for at which you differ based on the context (a personal friend, a co-worker, someone that you’re in a volunteer organization with, of the relationship)?

Not taking for granted how many people your parents had a positive impact on in their lives. Dad died about 3 weeks ago. I was genuinely touched by the number of people who came to the wake and told our family how he had a positive impact on them.

Reconciling that I’m not learning some programming concepts as quickly as I had hoped and occasionally feeling that my feelings of imposter syndrome are valid? Prioritizing what to learn. Depending on the task at hand at work, it varies; a smattering of CSS, HTML, PHP, javascript, and SQL (and in that order). (There’s a lot more code - like our wordpress theme - that I haven’t made public just yet). Heck, I’m still using all ES5; should I go over to setting up the whole babel ecosystem (and frankly learn it, to be honest) (looking at the fetch library to retrieve JSON, so I’m considering it).


The leaves falling

Kim’s Convenience


The Flys - Got You (Where I Want You). (youtube video) The night before my wedding, one of my best friends, since grade school and I were catching up on our lives at a local bar. For context, Old Brooklyn isn’t really sexy or trendy. It’s not surburban like Applebee’s either. I was genuinely suprised that

Hearing that song in the background instantly brought me back to my adolescence. I’ve enjoyed the song but I couldn’t name the song or artist until then (thanks soundhound for identifying it). Finally identifying one of a song’s artist and title after not knowing for years is one of my favorite feelings. I’ve kept a playlist of these songs (spotify). Some of these songs are just ones where the title is not apparent in the lyrics, but I like more than others.

Serial, season 3; based in Cleveland.


Metafilter. I’ve been a daily reader, although it’s not the same as before. Maybe its just my life experiences where what people write doesn’t seem so novel; also the rampant distrust of most institutions.

The Accessibility Interpretation Problem by Glenda Sims and Wilco Fiers. The best piece that I’ve read on web accessibility. How the guidelines for web accessibility are very subjective and subject to intepretations; despite the initial impressions that it’s straight-forward and binary; there’s no “This site is accessible” badge or designation.

Un Lun Dun by China Miéville


A web-standards guide for the library Although I write most of the code, the content and editing is done by co-workers and when I arrived, our practices of code and were either non-existent or unwritten. Writing this out and determining how something like this should be written has been a fair amount of time and experimentation.